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Hi name here is Loren I am a ham operator and my callsign is KC9ZHV I along with Mark KC9ZHR own and operate the KC9ZHV Repeater system located in Olney, IL 62450. I love minecraft and many other fun games if you feel like you would want to join in on our minecraft server just put mc.ltcraft.net in your game or visit www.ltcraft.netfor more information.. I also enjoy many other hobbies like Firefighting, Sheriff’s Aux, Volunteering and computer technology.. I have multiple sites and host sites for a few Organizations that i am a part of.. I am a fan of the New Windows 10 so far had a few minor glitches with Nvidia Graphics card but after getting the proper Graphics card driver installed Windows 10 runs great..  Also in the Computer world i use Virtual box all the time to put my Linux distros in.. I personally like and prefer Xubuntu 14.04 LTS and Ubuntu Studio 14.04 LTS. I also have been known to play around in Kali Linux and centos.. I  personally enjoy the following Rescue tools Clonezilla, Parted Majic, Gparted live..

As far as Amateur Radio goes I am a big fan of Allstarlink and Echolink and have a repeater system running 24/7 with both capabilities..

I do have a few Zello accounts one is lorentedford the other is kc9zhv if you wish to add me just add me on my lorentedford profile account because i only use the kc9zhv account while talking with other ham operators. So where can you find me at on zello?? well Generally speaking Non Stop Talk however I do visit other channels occasionally..

Channels that i Own..

Loren’s Chat

Now that brings us to Teamspeak I use teamspeak as well for more specific directions you can click on teamspeak for more information. Teamspeak server ip is lorentedford.com:9936


I was born in May of 1986 Lived with my Biological Mother till around the age of 11 or 12 then was given the opportunity to meet and live with my Biological Father. I have virtually no connection to either of my Biological parents but I have many Friends and Friends that have become my new family.  I have lived in Multiple places in my life but the concentration of areas are  Meadville PA,Hortonville IN, Palestine IL, Robinson IL, Olney IL.

High Schools that I have attended

Meadville Area Senior High School Graduated 2006

Palestine High School (Left my Senior year do to being Kicked out of my biological fathers home..)

Well I think that sums up the High Schools but as far as college information I have no intention on posting the information here however I think that some of that is available if you have me as a friend on facebook..

If you would like to add me on Zello check out below for further information.
Zello user kc9zhv

Zello user lorentedford
If you would like to touch base you can always email me at loren@lorentedford.com


For gamer information:

Steam info: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Lorentedford/

Faceit information


Email me if you wish to see.. support@lorentedford.com