Broadcasting Software

Broadcasting Software

I use OBS as a backup I have learned to reinstall obs into different folder depending on what i want to broadcast.. This allows me to have obs tailored to what game i am playing and how i want things setup like special images or graphics..

Audio Software

Voice Meter Bannana
At the moment I am using some thing called Voice Meter Banana on both sides the streaming pc and my gaming pc.. This allows a couple of things first off i can control a few things like microphone audio and levels from the gaming pc to ensure that they are not only compatible with the in game voice solutions but in the stream as well. Obviously i use push to talk in game and in secondary services like team speak and discord.

Remote Mouse and keyboard from one pc..

I use a software mouse and keyboard kvm solution to access my streaming pc it works very well and generally have minor issues with it.. Over all better than a hardware kvm do to its higher latency of input responses..