Elder Scrolls Settings

This page will be updated as I am testing out my settings inside Elder Scrolls.. The first thing we must understand is that Addons play a huge differences in the game.. Secondly I want to explain that i am very new to the game and learning as i go along in regards to network latency and game settings along with ping settings..

If i am live i will appear on my twitch.tv/lorentedford channel.. This is channel that mmo like games are played on or if i have any announcements etc.

First let’s optimize the game using Nvidia Settings and your preferences.. In my case i prefer 1080p Windowed mode because of my multiple monitors so this setting will look like this.

Next Here is what I set my UserSettings.ini and UserSettings.txt to. This file can be found in:

C:\Users\USERNAME\OneDrive\Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\live

Now keep in mind i have a 6 core 12 thread computer so the first setting that we are going to change is.

SET MaxCoresToUse.4 "11"


SET MinFrameTime.2 "0.00000001"


SET ScreenShakeMagnitude "0.00000000"


Here is my full config if you wish to copy mine.

https://pastebin.com/NHYwk2sT             https://pastebin.com/mVYe6rcP


If I am live on twitch you can watch the stream below keep in mind I don’t play Elder Scrolls all the time so it is possible i could be in another game.

Watch live video from LorenTedford on www.twitch.tv