Gaming History

Greetings if your hear your you probably met me while playing Delta Force Black Hawk Down, Counter Strike Global Offensive, Minecraft, Flight Sim X, Elderscroll’s Online Morrowind. I also play many other games as well.. I started online  Multiplayer gaming in 2003 era with Delta Force  Black Hawk Down I bought the disc game at Walmart at the time and learned via local lan parties across the years.. In 2006 I  joined a squad called SwaT Squad in Delta Force  Black Hawk Down.. They were a great team at the time the idea  was to organize and play scrims.. Life happens got busy and took a step away from gaming just after  that and came back in 2008 to find  the squad completely disarray. So i started hosting  the server off my home internet at the time lol…. Little did I realize how important Symmetrical Service was.. Later joined Christian Soldiers then it went down hill about 2013 and turned into Xians great group as well but they play alot of other games some times hard to keep  track.. I joined VoW for BHD  and have pretty much stayed with them for Black Hawk Down Gaming! I don’t play much but when i do its nice to see the familiar name tags floating around.  I started playing Counter Strike Global Offensive in August 2016 however this game is very complicated for me because of some medical issues.. I will try to overcome as much as i can but don’t think i will ever see a squad in csgo..