07-02-2021 update

Well I know normally I update everyone via social media but the way things are going it’s often times difficult for people to catch up.. The essayist way for me to type what’s going on is to use voice over text to explain everything then just edit the text that it messes up. I am still not doing all that well I got released from the Nursing home on 12-21-2020 since then still struggling with gaining my strength back. I graduated the other day from PT and got a shirt and signed the wally but I didn’t feel like I deserved it.. I wanted so much to be out of the wheel chair and the attacks to stop. FND is an awful awful thing.. My body starts to shake then I get the slurred speech and to be honest I get very weak during and after the attacks.. The effects can last hours or some times even a couple of days. It’s awful and scary.. The first time I had one of these attacks was June of 2020 and they scared me I thought I was having a stroke at the time. Anyway this is my medical update or what I am willing to share publicly at this time. I am still awaiting on Social Security Disability to get approved.. It’s so hard to get approved for it.. Well this is about it for me I gotta get transferred out of this wheel chair and back into my Hospital bed where I can keep my feet up and get the swelling and redness down in my legs. Hope all my gamer and ham radio friends are doing well.