Our Internet Provider

Ok so we all knew this was coming eventually with the repeal of Net Neutrality.. So my internet service provider decided to start capping the amount of bandwidth we are allowed a month with no overage options available. They have given us better download speeds but not upload speeds. When confronting the ISP about this they explained that Upload isn’t important to them and that if I wanted higher upload speeds to find someone else.. So where I live the Municipality has given exclusive access to this provider for there service back about 8 years ago and has been on 5 year renewals.. They just renewed at the beginning of last year and they won’t disclose the amount of time they renewed them for.. (Some thing tells me approximately 10 years) When Net Neutrality was in place they legally were not allowed to change our unlimited Bandwidth contract.. Now that Freedom Internet is the new way if you don’t know what that is you need to google FRC
Restoring Internet Freedom its what replaced Net Neutrality.. You can now find this here starts at bottom right of the first page. https://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/…/FR-2017-06-02/pdf/2017-11455.pdf Anyway my point of this discussion was to warn ya to watch out big change is happenening whether you like it or not.. Obviously our situation is different because we are Rural America its all small towns and for the most part small time ISP providers. I suggest that if you stream you need to know exactly how much bandwidth you use a month whole house internet.. Our internet Service Provider Just started this with in the last week and legally nothing we can do but ride it out.. Try to make the most of your streams by cutting back some content maybe start scripting the first half or maybe pre play the games the stream the over all edited version while engaging with your viewers. I don’t know what the future holds for us here in the Midwest but I can tell you that these prices nearly doubled on us overnight and with bandwidth limits.. I don’t even get bandwidth limits in the Datacenter at OVH where I rent a rack server to handle all my other projects like websites etc.. Anyway food for thought Happy streaming everyone  I forgot to add that before all this I was streaming 1080p at 60fps and at 5800kbps