Stream Encoding Settings


Today I am going to to explain the settings that I have used to make my streams look I think better. (In my opinion) I have been using a two pc setup now for about 16 months now one to game on one to stream with.. When Ryzen came out we purchase the first generation Ryzen 7 1700 excited looking for this awesome streaming experience but was only greeted with more questions than answers as to what settings I should use etc etc etc.. This is only an idea/Suggestion for those that use Ryzen 7 1700’s I can’t speak for other platforms because I don’t own them and have not personally tried this on the other Ryzen product lines .. Sure after this post I may consider trying other settings to try and push more out of my system but I think I have finally found the right settings for my setup at the moment. Keep in mind streaming requires internet bandwidth this isn’t magical this isn’t smoke signals and your certainly not going to do this very well on dsl/dial up connections.. Now now I know your getting ready to rip me a new one because yes some dsl providers do give 6 Mbps up and down symmetrical service.. Its a compromise.. You really need overhead room for everything else that is going on in the background across the internet as well.. So now that we go the basics and understanding that test your internet speed is the first step into understanding the quality of your internet I am going to move straight into my setup and connection information.

My setup:

Streaming PC:

Ryzen 7 1700 with Nvidia GTX 1070, 24Gb of ram with Elgato 4k Pcie Capture card, 2 m.2 NVME drives, 1 SSD, 2 Enterprise Drives in Raid 0.

Gaming PC:

Intel i7 8700k with Nvidia GTX 1080, 16Gb of ram with 1 m.2 NVME drive for games, 8TB Western Digital Red drive, 2 2TB Enterprise drives Raid 0.

Internet Connection: Business Class Fiber 100 Mbps Down and 30 Mbps Up with 5 static ip’s. $350 a month (Yep not cheap to get quality internet)

Now my stream settings:

Here is the replay from these streams and what it looks like.

Watch CSGO and ESO not sure which i will play.. (CSGO gets 120 Sec Delay.) from LorenTedford on

Twitch cleaned up some of my videos I will try to update my last stream on this page. So here is a video my boyfriend made on this topic using his setup.

I suppose in closing I wish someone actually included exactly what it takes to do high end quality streams.. From what I can see so far core count means everything and should be considered when purchasing a dedicated system just for streaming.. In my case I can’t stream at 1080p 60fps it’s not going to happen it looks like crap.. The quality isn’t there.. I suppose a better wiki discussion on hardware and encoding bitrates would be nice feature to add to the community so that way it would keep the community educated on exactly how much cpu power is actually needed.