Welcome to lorentedford.com we are in the process of rebuilding this may take some time please be patient.. Thanks

This site offers a variety of information regarding the username lorentedford found in most of my games I play! I play CSGO, COD4, Black Hawk Down, Minecraft and many other games.. I host many websites and web related services through our server located in a Data Center in Olney, IL USA.. We own our own physical servers.

We prefer using proxmox at the moment for our bare metal machines Proxmox has all sorts of cool features like containers and virtually any sort of virtualization you might consider..  At this time we are not a re-seller of any product or service.. We are not yet comfortable enough to go into the selling market but I am learning a lot from what services we provide to our various domains..

Domains I own are..

  1. Ltcraft.net
  2. newwavesucks.com
  3. kc9zhv.com
  4. kc9zhr.com
  5. voipham.com
  6. lorentedford.com
  7. ilhamradio.org
  8. towclaim.com

We purchased the domain Ilhamradio.org for the RADIO club (Radio Amateur Downstate Illinois Organization). I host their web services for free with my sites because I am a member of the club and enjoy doing things to help assist making our club a better place for all Amateur Radio Operators.

I own kc9zhr.com for Mark it just made things easier at the time that all domains ended up in my name..

Now voipham.com was started to assist others outside of email nightmare groups where the information is hardly sorted easily allowing for users to have the ability to post what they want or need in regards to getting their Ham Radio station online.. We don’t single out any of the different voip methods but i personally concentrate more on some thing called Allstarlink..

Gaming Servers I host.

For reports please include screenshot/Video evidence for complaint.. If its a text chat issue please submit screenshots of the chat. If its a cheating issue please supply video evidence. The evidence must be clear as day.. All bans are final working of forums and solutions through our gaming side at Ltcraft.net

My eventual goal is to create a 1v1 server as well.

Here are a couple of csgo games i have  played and  enjoyed!

Phone  Contact: 1+ (631)  686 – 8878

Email:  support@lorentedford.com or loren@lorentedford.com